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Karin Daniels – Director

KED Projects (PTY) LTD is a national 100% BBBEE company, under the directorship of Mrs. K.E. Daniels, formed in 2019. Mrs Daniels has extensive experience in the transport and motor industry, respectively. Her career started as an Operations Manager in 2005, in the car rental business. Mrs. Daniels has worked with some well-known parastatals, namely SA Parliament, PRASA, Eskom and the City of Cape Town.

Driven by her passion for the industry, she started KED Projects (PTY) LTD in 2019. “Being a female in a male dominant industry definitely has its challenges.” Dedication, hard work, passion, honour and integrity is the recipe to any successful business. “I embrace all my challenges and is always willing to learn something new”. The Company has progressed successfully over the past 3 years and therefore has earned respect from clients and within the industry. Expansion is in progress with new branches operative shortly in Durban and Cape Town.


“Quality Shows in every move we make” – Transportation is our business and service with a difference. As a service provider, we strive to provide a cost-effective, first-class service that exceeds all expectations of our clients.


In this industry we aim to maintain our successful business standards through
innovative strategies, thereby ensuring the provision of excellent service. Our Vision

  • To create a working environment where people are motivated to excel.
  • Be a reliable service provider that goes beyond all customer expectations.
  • Work hard to build symbiotic relationships with our clients.


Our Team

Our team consists of a group of dynamic individuals, each with a master plan to work on the mission. Our team operates with great commitment and integrity ensuring successful negotiations with clients. We are continuously researching and improving on safety, the qualifications of our staff, training of our professional drivers, service and quality of our vehicles. Our team consist of an Operations manager, administration clerk, sales representative and 3 drivers.

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